Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Alaska Wild

That's the name of our local football team in case you're wondering, and last night I attended my first game at the Sullivan Arena. The IFL (Intense Football League) was founded in 2003, and Anchorage has one of the three (of 9) teams located outside Texas. Since they play in a smaller stadium, it is more personal, and I feel particularly involved since the Petroleum Club recently had their 2nd meet-and-greet. I won four tickets at this event, which motivated me at attend a game, now in it's second year. By the way, the team colors are maroon and gold, but I couldn't duplicate it on the blog, so just trying to get close.

The parking lot was pretty full when I arrived, and there were several tailgate parties going on. The playing field is only 50 yards, but I felt the biggest problem was the sidelines which have boards (not unlike hockey) only a foot out-of-bounds, and the players frequently hit them hard and climb over into the attendees. There are just 8 players on a team, and sometimes it seems crowded out there.

The cheerleaders were quite outstanding. Of course, they're good looking and well costumed, but their dances/cheers were obviously well rehearsed and real crowd pleasers. The opponents were the San Angelo Stampede Express and lost pretty bad... but it was good entertainment, nonetheless, and a great way to spend the evening.


Monday, April 21, 2008

Back in Alaska

I've been back for a week now, but would you believe I couldn't seem to log on . .. now I love Google, but sometimes it doesn't love me. . . so I switch over to my more commercial blog, which is alaskab4udie.wordpress.com . . . I stole that name from a rather famous vanity license plate, but don't seem to worry about copyrights online. . . well, not yet. I really want to promote inbound travel to Alaska, and I try to stay focused on this. I do want to share a clever program of The Student Gypsy, I attended in San Francisco. . . .like it?

One of the highlights of my trip outside was my stopover in Tacoma to visit a longtime friend. We went to the great daffodil parade, but I don't have any images of that. However, this image is taken from the Glass Museum, which is a Dale Chuhuly project. Dale started teaching glass blowing and glass art at Pilchuck, a small place north of Mt. Vernon, and has some impressive work, plus the work of his students. This is taken from the brochure. Enjoy.