Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas in Anchorage

The title is a misnomer, because I won’t see Christmas in Anchorage. I’m one of those snowbirds that leaves town, preferably at the first drop of snow. A later departure this year, I can report on what’s happening in Anchorage this month. As in other cities across USA, the parties are at every corner and every day. Last night was one of the best, as a local civil engineering company, PND, sponsored a great feast at the Petroleum Club. Dennis always tries to outdo the other sponsors, and succeed, he does. They served ‘bottomless’ wine, wild boar, elk, shrimp and King Crab legs. Of course, all the usual sides, like brie, fruits, desserts and such. Even better than the food and drink selection was the friends and conversation. So this writer will be on holiday leaving good memories behind.
Yesterday's local newspaper reported a kind of sad travesty. It seems the ski slopes are not attracting the young people like they used to. Perhaps it's because we're in the electronic era, where computer games and Wii are providing enough entertainment and exercise to satisfy our youth. It's okay for a senior citizen to become more sedentary, but surely the adolescents need to get outdoors and enjoy winter. I can remember skiing in the zero temperatures and thinking, oh, it hurts so good. Those days are gone. Also, I note that the schools seem to pile on more homework these days. I don't know that 'more' means 'better' because the test score are not rising at a comparable rate. So this ends my lecture, on which I could continue, but let's just think of the happy days of Christmas break. . . and a Happy New Year's, too!