Friday, March 18, 2011

Beware the Ides of March

The gods are angry with Anchorage, too ... after doing their dirty deeds in New Zealand and Japan, they decided to not let Alaska out of this, and they continued their annual big dump of snow for St. Patricks Day. This did not deter the revelers, tho'. The corned beef and cabbage was abundant around town. Other activities have been squeezed in to finish off winter right!

One sad note is the death of a prominent doctor on the ski slopes on Mt. Alyeska last week. He was out for a playday with his son, and the ending was quite a surprise for all. It just should not be, but life goes on, sad to say. This is turning into a very sad blog, but there are some happy things happening around town, too . . . and we are following the Final Four. I'll try to find a more pleasant picture to post. How about the Iditarod poster by our local artist, Jon Van Zyle. Yes, the big race is over, and it was a good one.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Iditarod Time in Alaska

This is the big finish for winter in Alaska. The crowds have increased each year for international interest in our dogsled race. As proof of the demise of winter, the temperature are going above freezing during day in Anchorage (altho' it's still below zero on much ofthe trail).

Fur Rendezvous also had a big year, from the opening fireworks display to the ice show, and personally, our magic show. All were quite successful and well attended. The Miners and Trappers Ball drew their usual crazies, and the rides on dogsleds on the Park Strip attracted many families. The Running of the Reindeer grow each year, and teams dress up to run the two blocks on Fourth Avenue with the critters.

Spring break in the schools has more students staying home as the red flag goes up on Mexican resorts, and especially border towns. The price of gas is always 30% more than in the lower states, and it a luxury just to drive to Alyeska Resort.

So I'll close with a promise to be more prompt in reporting all the fun we're having in Anchorage. My usual blog was delayed because of a new project I'm working on.