Monday, April 18, 2011

An Alaskan April

None too soon, April is upon us and it has brought a much-needed respite from the long, cold winter. Don't get me wrong, as Anchorage is beautiful any time of year, but as I get older, it gets harder to accept the long, dark nights. However, it's all forgotten now. I guess it's obvious that I haven't finished my learning curve of this blog, because I just made an error. You see, I have returned to booking cruises and cruisetours with Why Not Travel and was trying to set up blog for them. Well, instead of doing that on her account, I did it on mine, and it's taking me forever to switch it over to her. So if this blog doesn't make sense, it's because my mind is elsewhere right now.

But I must tell you some of the things happening in Anchorage, because we have had a deluge of events. On a personal note, I gave a speech at the Liars Club (it's the truth) and we had a Kids Fair and Womens Fair and a grand opening - three big things this weekend. The opening was our War Museum, and they cordoned off Fourth Avenue to display military trucks, Hummers, etc. and had a festival type atmosphere inside. Evidently, Alaska is the last state to get a war museum, and there were veterans there from the last 4 wars. Am counting right? They all wore their dress uniforms, some unbuttoned. There were lots of walker, wheelchairs, etc. Some ladies did a line dance, and musicians continued the entertainment. . . we did it right!

On the ski scene, this is the last week for skiing at our Alyeska Resort and the slush cup in coming. I simply must get some images to post here for you next week. It's always a fun event. Even the tourists have started arriving, and it looks like it'll be a wonderfulsummer. Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Alaska Welcomes Spring

Each winter seems longer than the last. We are happy to welcome spring with the melting snow and melting dog's droppings, potholes, gray days (sometimes), weather above freezing, and dirty cars. Oh, this does sound so awful, but it's just knowing those sunny days are around the corner that keeps us loving Alaska.

I have considered this blog my travel blog, and now I have to announce that it truly is one. You see, I wrote an article on cruising that was published in our Alaska Women Speak Magazine, and reading it made me realize I love booking travel, both inbound and out. So I joined my two friends at Why Not Travel, and we are booking singles and groups with personal service.

I feel I'm a specialist in cruising since I've tried so many cruiselines and I can match a client to a cruise of his liking. So this page is to introduce me and ask for your business on your next holiday.

Just because I'm partial to cruising doesn't mean I ignore other options. Give us a try ... here's my page. Check back soon -- I promise to write more, and let you know why our travel web page is ready. You'll find some good information about Anchorage there!