Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day in Anchorage

The Pioneers of Alaska honor and remember all the loved ones lost over the past year at services in the downtown cemetery. While we have a tract here, other organizations have similar tracts. The American Legion tract is next to ours, and Post 1 has put out white crosses with poppies at all of their marked graves. It’s a very touching ceremony there and after this comes a pot luck at the Pioneer Hall and a barbecue at the Legion. This marks the start of tourist season and friends have already arrived on some Princess Cruises, which now dock in Whittier. This makes the drive to Anchorage a bit shorter than the former docking station in Seward. The mileage is less, but the trip takes a rather extended time because there is a one way tunnel from Whittier, which changes direction every half hour. This was formerly only a railroad tunnel, and they even have some fun runs thru the three miles, as running is big in the Anchorage area. Downtown in Anchorage has blossomed into a huge flower garden, and local businesses grow every year. The showcase of businesses was held by Visit Anchorage (formerly the Convention and Visitors Bureau) to familiarize locals with where to send our guests. I think the most clever booth at the Spenard Farmer’s Market is the Mobile Mender. If you haven’t figured that out, a lady sits at her sewing machine and does just that . .. great for bachelors and some of us lazy ones. Well, talk to you later. . .

by the way - I posted a salmon painted Alaska Air plane, since the flying butterfly on my other blog didn't fly on this one . . . sob . . .

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Signs of a Beautiful Summer in Anchorage

Glad that you found this page, and I hope to update you with the summer activities around my place. Now that the tops are down on convertibles, my choice of a good on is this.
click here I don't know exactly what I've done here -- guess I should study this a little more. Well, I'll sign off faster than I had hoped because this is really a test to see if I can show you the neat red 'car' but it's a pdf file and I can't figure out how to post it, so I'm sending you to my webpage!

Sure enough, this is me making an exit - from the long winter (Note my heavy winter coat>