Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's Really Spring!!!

We have finally welcomed spring in Anchorage. On my other blog in WordPress, I was a bit discouraged over the delay of the arrival of spring, but on the front page of today's paper -- above the fold -- I see the snow geese have arrived, too.

The cruise ships are coming soon, and the tourist season promises to be bigger than ever. I'm not involved personally with this, altho' I am a relocation consultant for those planning their move to Anchorage. I understand that apartment rentals are saturated, which tempts me to rent my two bedroom condo. But that won't happen, as there's no place more beautiful in the summer than right here. The golf courses are even showing green again, and the bike trails are upgraded, fishing looks to be the best year, and the price of gas has even dropped at least a dime! Don't forget we do have a six-week baseball season, and the Anchorage Bucs look forward to winning the Alaska Baseball Title. The Bucs are now sharing the office building with the other local team, The Glacier Pilots. To explain that, both teams are leasing for Muni owned Building on the park strip, but of course, there is a partition between the offices.

The performing arts and visual arts are thriving, as the Concert Association welcomes Mary Poppins and Tony Bennett, among others. The Opera season was wonderful, as was the Symphony, but now we look forward to outdoor activies. I would also remind you potential visitors that we have NO sales tax in Anchorage, nor does the State of Alaska have an income tax. Yep . . . life is good here . . .

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring into Anchorage

It's spring! I know that because the calendar says so, but don't look at the thermometer. The sun has been shining, but it's chilly and windy, too. But soon, the icy streets will be gone, and walking will be easier/safer.

Our local troubadour has come out with a new album, but he is noted for his popular original song, "I Did, I did, I did the Iditard Trail".
Here's Hobo Jim.

The Iditarod was pretty well covered internationlly, as riders are coming here from all over the world nowadays. This year even Argentina was represented. Kincaid Park has hosted it's usual number of cross-country ski races, and there is a proposal to allow some snow machines on a limited basis. The trail connects with downtown Anchorage over 15 miles, skirting the Inlet and airport, too.

The summer tourist season is also gearing up for a big influx this summer, and will probably have more economic impact, as the oil industry has been handcuffed by the federal government. Well, I won’t go into that, as this is a non-political column, remember.

It seems that the social networks have taken over the blogs, but I’m an old-fashioned gal, and don’t relate to the opened-ended comments on Facebook. But it’s really the bible of many of my friends and readers.

I’ve not a lot more to say except that the Anchorage Centennial is coming in 2015, so the municipality decided to make it a 3 year celebration, So we’re starting to be deluged with even more events of all kinds being planned

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Loving Alaska

It's been a while since I've posted a blog, but I had a reason . . . I've been traveling to escape the weather in Anchorage. I found myself wearing my coat more than I had anticipated, and even brought some summer attire I never wore. My bathing suit remained dry (and in my pullman). I visited 8 cities for 5 - 8 days each. Altho' it was sunny weather on arrival, it became rainy before I left each one!

I did have a wonderful odyssey, but I feel we can match most things I saw, and did. For instance, everyone of my friends' homes were at least 3 miles to the closest store/destination. Well, that's okay for once in a while, but I am speaking of multi-trips daily. In Anchorage, I am less than that distance to the airport (to the south) or downtown (to the north). My life is basically in mid-town, and walking distance to shopping, movies, clubs.

Some highlights of my trip are listed here:
The Museum of Science and Technology in San Francisco: great building and exhibits.
The Museum of Art - SF: featuring Vermeer's Girl with Pearl Earring and Dutch artists on one level, and Nureyev collection of his costumes, videos, etc.
Ritz-Carlton Hotel - Half-Moon Bay, CA: great jazz and sliders in their lounge, and the views of the Pacific were formidable. . .
. . my hostess with the mostest, and grandaughter.
San Luis Obispo - The world famous Madonna Hotel . . . my surrogate daughter and son who is being graduated from CalPoly in May!
. . .
the region includes Morro Bay, Cambria, Santa Maria, Cal Poly, etc.

The Magic Castle - Magical arts in fabulous art deco building with great magicians.
American Legion in Avondale AZ - suburb of Phoenix, theatre, lunch with long-lost friends, driving miles thru retirement areas.

Phoenix: a sprawling area of big city and senior/retirement cities.
Jackson MI: beautiful suburb of Flowood, and Million Dollar home with landscape to match . . . the rain didn't diminish the beautiful home's relaxing atmosphere. Biloxi: gaming but no live music around
Houston TX suburbs: Alley Theatre and activities with friends.
Lake Charles LA: visiting relatives, and city tour . . . smaller Mardi Gras
Tampa: Opening night of Ringling Bros. Circus - always great!

That's a quick look at some stops along the way. It's good to be back in Anchorage where we have no sales tax, no traffic snarls, little crime, equally great restaurants and theatre, and lots of live music!