Monday, April 23, 2012

Beautiful Anchorage

Looking around Anchorage, if you just ignore a few remaining dirty mounds of snow, you’d never know it was a very long, cold winter. Bike races have started and the trails are full of families walking, and running! It’s just great and you’d best come and visit us soon! Oh, the lake pictured here is about 50 miles south of Anchorage on the beautiful drive heading south to Seward. I will let you know that it’s always cold and windy here, but it does make for a beautiful pristine image.
One thing I’m thankful for is that our roof didn’t cave in from the weight of the snow on it . .. many homes could not withstand the heavy weight of over 4 feet, and it’s also dangerous to climb up and shovel it!

I am looking for an image of our Dome to post, as that’s where most of the school sports like soccer and track take place because the ground is still pretty wet. This dome is just huge — picture two football fields, and you get an idea of its size.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Anchorage Springs Spring

We thought it would never come, but it is the beautiful season in Alaska. Trees are budding out, and sun is warm and moods are good. Just remember to not look down, because the puddles this year are bigger than usual, what with the record amount of snow.

Surely we have to accept some sadness along the way, such as some house fires, roofs falling in with the weight of the snow, and the recent find of a missing barista who disappeared two months ago.

But spring is also the season for birthing of new pups for future Iditarod Races, and also the moose calves will be appearing out of nowhere with their offspring, as well as the 'city' bears.

The new baseball season will be upon us shortly, and the Anchorage Bucs are moving their offices to the former gym on the park strip. (City-owned) That will make them lots closer to the Ball Park, and it's a new ball game without the founder/manager with us . . . he passed away over the winter.

One blunder I feel the city made was their choice of a 'statue' outside the newly expanded museum.

Note this picture, oops, it's upside down, too . . .which I scanned from a magazine, so it lacks quality, however, you can see that it is a bunch of blocks sitting on the grass (no foundation), on the far corner of the museum property. You might think it was created by a nursery school in their tinker toy class, but no . .. the half million dollar structure was designed by a Brit, who supposedly had great credentials. Oh, well, it's still a beautiful city and it's MY city. I'll try to update my posts a little more often, really!