Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wild Winter in Anchorage

If 'wild' and 'cold' go together, this is the winter of both. However, everytime I compare our winters with those back East, I think this is still the place to live. There was a period of time when the temperative did not rise above zero, but now it's a balmy fifteen degrees or so, and there are indoor and outdoor choices to fill your days. The ice sculptures in Town Square are quite beautiful and a stroll thru this park is a delight.

The University offers so much that you could be flitting back and forth between the Planetarium show at the Conoco-Phillips Science Building, Folk Festival in The Wendy Williamson Auditorium, Jazz Benefits at the Arts Building, and Sports events on both the campus and the Sullivan Arena.

Skiing dominates the outdoor sports, with downhill skiing at Alyeska Resort, which is 40 miles south of town, and cross country skiing at Kincaid Park being the dominent venus for these.

Plans are gearing up for the Fur Rendezvous celebration, which promises to the big lead-in weeks to the Iditarod Raes. So it won't be long until the long dark days are over and we will have survived another year of an Alaskan winter. It's still a good time to visit Anchorage before the big crowds of summer start arriving.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Anchorage Wild Winter

The weather pattern in Anchorage is quite different from the rest of the state. While the northern area maintains its below zero weather, we are now in the plus numbers, and going thru the sloppy days. It's a pleasure after a few weeks of unbearable cold. I took the image above from our daily newpaper, and it's so close to my condo, I thought that this typifies our wild life.

This beautiful rack remains on this beautiful moose, but I'm ready to accept it anytime. I realize that he's going the wrong way on our one way thoroughfare, but he still gets right-of-way. I recently did some minor work on my car, so used a neighbor's heated garage, as my carport just wouldn't do. When I pulled out, I was greeted by a similar size moose, and I'm really afraid of them up close. . . with reason, but I won't go into that here!

While the moose feed off our our beautiful flowers and summer crops, there are plenty of berries to whet their appetite in the winter. The obviously like city life. But remember, they have right-of-way . . . oh, did I saw that before?

The new year brings with it a ray of hope for so many things. Forget the resolutions, as I refer to decisions made in the nation's capitol. This is not a poltical blog, so let's focus on visiting Alaska in the winter. The city hosted a "Fire and Ice" celebration for New Year's Eve. It also voted to allow fireworks from 9:30 p.m. until 1:30 p.m., but, as expected, it caused a lot of concern, and especially was not kind to the pets. It really kept the police busy responding to the 'crazies', so they'll be changing law for sure next year. I will say, tho' that the very black sky enhanced the beauty and colors of the fireworks.

The calendar is filling up with the traditional events of winter, namely Fur Rendezvous, and sports events. These include many cross-country events at Kinkaid Park, and Alpine ski races at Alyeska Resort. The Concert Association has an assortment of programs, and they have school performances at the Center for Performing Arts throughout the winter. There is so much to do in greater Anchorage that we wonder how the snowbirds don't want to stay around. The tourist will like to visit in the winter and see what a 'real' winter looks like!