Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Alaska State Fair

It should come as no surprise to you that we have a super state fair. Everything in Alaska is big, and this image shows what a 10 hr. a day of daylight can do for veggies. Here's the caption I copied from their website:

Scott Robb tends to his giant cabbages in his Palmer yard last week. Robb competes in the annual cabbage competition at the Alaska State Fair and holds seven state fair records. He admits he has a bit of an obsession; his wife has a slightly different description. "I call him psychogrower," she said

There are a minimal number of farm animals at the fair, and the usual petting zoo. I like the loggers, and never tire of watching them roll on the logs. Add the usual rides, booths, and exhibits and you have an idea of 'how to spend a long day'. This is a pretty small report on a big event for Alaska, but you get the idea.

One of the special events at the fair is the introduction of the new Alaska Quarter, which took a while for the government to issue, but they will be giving some out and selling more at the fair. So many reasons to visit big, wild Alaska, but especially so because the rains have finally stops and the big yellow ball is in the sky. . .

Monday, August 18, 2008

Summer was yesterday

At least we had ONE good day in Anchorage, which we will call summer. It surely has not been the best summer, weatherwise, and otherwise. It seems that all I've been doing is going to funerals, or should I say celebrations of life. Golf season was okay if you like to play in the rain. Downtown Anchorage is in the process of re-growth .. . there is no way to get from point A to point B, directly. I have finally figured out how to do it, even tho' it may require breaking the law. . . for example, I was traveling west on 9th Avenue, which is adjacent to the park strip, when I arrived at G Street, which is one way south.. . luck that I had a red light to stop and think of what to do.. . the sign said, street closed, so I couldn't proceed west on 9th, nor could I turn right (north on G, which is one way south) nor could I turn left (park is at the end of G Street), so the only option was to make a U-turn, or cut thru a parking lot to a 2 way path. . . don't turn me in . . . I had no choice. . . this is just one example. . . in the meantime, let me tell you that the growth of Anchorage includes finally getting a Target store, and a Walgreens. . . so we're catching on, but we can't catch up. Remember, we still have to work our way around the bears and moose, who still have the right-of-way in town.. . the paper has even started a daily column on bear sightings, as some of the victims of bear attacks lie in the hospital, recovering.
If this is supposed to encourage you to visit Alaska, I guess I am not doing a great job, but then I'm just being honest.
By the way, I haven't mentioned politics here, but then I dont want to start on that.