Sunday, August 5, 2012

Anchorage Saturated with Activity

What with the Olympics on TV most of 24 hours a day, it's hard to find time to take advantage of local events. But, I noticed a clip about a visiting writer from Mad Magazine, who was here to give a presentation. It's been a while since I picked up a copy, but I dropped everything and went to our library to hear Joe Riaola, who spoke off the cuff for a half hour and used video for his second half. I laughed until I cried, and the reader should goto the Mad Magazine website to enjoy the sarcastic humor - if you're into that kind of thing.

The weather has been so beautiful, sometimes that is. Its been changing from hour to hour, but I will say that only one baseball game was cancelled the whole season. I've written before about our short season, which ends by August, but American Legion sponsored games have taken over our ball field, and continue to draw a minimal crowd. The half million dollar ball field is so great, it drains rainfall within minutes. Only the pitcher's mound is 'real dirt', I think.

Since this has become a 'personal interest' blog, let me mention a variety of summer day camps. One of the big draws is the magic camp led by our famous magician, Don Russell.

Nope, this isn't Don's poster, but I just liked it so I stole it - no copyrights here.
Guess I should give a mention to the other activities that fill our time - namely, wakes and political benefits. There just no end, it seems . . . end of blog for now. Come back!