Thursday, December 23, 2010

Winter Weather Winds Into Anchorage

Our English language precludes pronouncing 'winds' with a long "i" or a short "i" but either way is appropriate for what we've had in Anchorage recently. Just because the temperature hits zero, or below zero, is no reason to stay home. Especially with all the Christmas parties and associated activities.

This year we had some added excitement with the winter solstice and solar eclipse happening the same night, and I was thrilled to watch the whole thing from indoors, of course. This image does not show the true sighting, but it's all I find.

Some diversions include producting pilot videos, and this image shows a friend's work on Living Wild~Alaska ... followed by this great meet-and-greet party. The venu is a new Mediterranean cage called The Grape Leaf. Midtown Anchorage has opened at least a dozen new restaurants in the recent years, which makes it hard to stay home for dinner.

Another 'fun' party was the annual Pioneers of Alaska Christma party, which was special because of the skit the gals performed doing Whoopi Goldberg's nuns chorus number. It's gonna be put on youtube, so check back because I'll surely post the address.

So, it's still a good time to visit Alaska, and our weather should not be a deterrent, as we are prepared, unlike so many cities in the lower states who are really having a challenging winter.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas comes to Anchorage

This tree was decorated by someone who obviously felt the spirit, and if you're driving into Anchorage, you'll see it along the highway. There are so many events coming along this month that sometimes they just overlap. . . the weather has been cooperating and we have just enough snow to make everything look Christmas-y. Between getting cards and letters out, it's time to decorate and cook goodies, and there's just a lot to do. I think our city has as nice a Christmas season as any other, and our Town Square is so beautiful with all blue lights, it makes you feel dreamy.

The First Friday Art Walk is always joyous, and this month, it includes the Andy Warhol exhibit at the Museum of Art and History. On a sadder note, the beautiful Steinway Piano Gallery just across the street is going out of business. Such an opportunity to buy a Steinway, which has never been equalled. That includes the Yamaha, which is a close second.

Sports events clutter the newspaper, with an eye on national sports, too. This is the time of year that some school events necessarily move to The Dome, which is a huge inflated building adjacent to a mega-church in the area of the airport.

Ah, me, which way to turn. But you can do everything, or nothing at all. Some evenings that is the best option. And so we look forward to another year in big A.